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Land Intelligent Mobility to unlock value for your organisation

Have you been thinking about how your organization will respond to increasing congestion from urbanization, rise of on-demand services resulting from rapid technological developments, infrastructure cyber security, or increasing regulatory pressures around air quality?

A sound intelligent mobility plan is your blueprint for addressing these any many other trends in transportation.

But, with technology evolving so rapidly how do you decide what will work? How can new technologies be tested safely? And, most importantly will these advancements really address our mobility challenges and unlock value.

Atkins – a world leader in transportation - is launching a new service offering aimed at precisely these challenges: A thought provoking, high energy, problem solving workshop led by our international intelligent mobility experts and focused on matching solution options to your challenges.

With our portfolio of solutions and rich industry partnerships, our experts will listen, collaborate and share with you what is working today and how you can create a roadmap that will ensure flexibility for this uncertain future.

Our industry-leading ideation approach has enabled many of our clients worldwide the ability to cut through complex issues quickly, think agile and start by starting.

Stuart Birrell at Heathrow RapidStart

"You think you know your business. You get a team together and it really challenges some of your assumptions and the opportunities we have are just fantastic"


At Atkins we are passionate about engineering and engineering a future that maximises the opportunities for people to thrive in a safe and sustainable environment.

We see Intelligent Mobility to be critical to the future of engineering as we move from the physical asset to the digital and maximising the role of technology in our daily lives, underpinned by user-centred design and behavioural change to deliver enhanced customer experience at every point on every journey; thinking differently about how to connect people, places and goods across all transport modes.

We are driving the debate on the Future of Transportation, undertaking leading edge research, developing new products and services that are focused on unlocking value for our clients, and developing a select network of global clients that share knowledge, experiences and (perhaps more importantly) share investment to co-create new solutions.

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User focused transport systems
to meet the needs of an ever connected world and an ageing population
Integrated transport systems
to maximise the capacity of transport
Efficient transport systems
to meet global resource demands
Sustainable transport systems
to address global social, environment and economic risks, particularly climate and resilience

Our approach

Intellligent Mobility is complex and there is no one single answer or solution. What Intelligent Mobility means in Colorado is different to Dubai and to London. We see our role to help clients translate and navigate this complex and emerging field, underpinned by thinking differently and digital adoption.

Here are some examples of thinking differently


M25 Hackathon was our response to a challenge set by Highways England to deliver their intelligent mobility vision. We were asked how we could improve the journey experience around the M25.

A "global hackathon" - 32 people from transport planners, geospatial specialists, mobility experts, coders, developers and creatives split into 5 teams in the UK, North America and India over a weekend. The best solution was to be pitched to the CEO of Highways England.

5 innovative solutions were proposed and pitched, with two of the ideas (Escape and Journey Angel) being developed further to turn prototypes into products.

Re-routing event

Our collaborative and client-centric way of working came to life at Rerouting; a thought leadership event that we hosted on the topic of intelligent mobiity. It was an Atkins first, with six speakers - three in London and three in New York - live streaming their insights around the globe and providing an international view of where 'the next big thing in transportation' is taking us.

The event has generated amazing feedback from our clients and colleagues. The event became an ideation catalyst for the Colorado Department of Transportation and later inspiration for Atkins selection as a RoadX Programme Champion.

Heathrow RapidStart

To help achieve the challenge of "improving the Heathrow arrivals experience, from an hour before landing to reaching ongoing transportation", we employed a 48-hour RapidStart event.

Involving six teams from around the world: four based at Heathrow and global teams in Dubai and India. In 48 hours, we collaboratively generated ideas, shaped experiments, built tangible solutions and tested them with real customers.

In just 48 hours, we demonstrated how real improvements can be made for passengers arriving at Heathrow.

Case studies

Colorado RoadX

Atkins was one of three teams selected for the Colorado Department of Transportation's (CDOT) RoadX program management contract. Through this program, Atkins will work collaboratively with CDOT and other RoadX champions to transform Colorado's transportation system by using innovation and technology to make it one of the safest, most efficient and reliable in the nation. It is a goal to make the RoadX program approach the model for other state DOTs, which puts Atkins in a unique position to advise them how to deploy similar programs.


Atkins is part of the Venturer consortium, which is trialing autonomous vehicles in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire council areas to explore the feasibility of driverless cars in the UK. The trial is being funded by Innovate UK to investigate the legal and insurance aspects of the new technology and explore how the public reacts to such vehicles.

Atkins is lead partner, providing project coordination, delivery and Intelligent Mobility expertise. The Venturer trial will run for 36 months.

Testing of the consortium's autonomous vehicle, the BAE Systems Wildcat and Ultra Pod, will be conducted on private and public roads and is due to begin shortly.


Flourish is an Atkins' led consortium that involves a multi-million pound research grant to fuel development in user-centric connected vehicle technology and connected transport systems. The new programme, co-founded by the UK's innovation agency - Innovate UK (IUK), will focus on the core themes of connectivity, autonomy and customer interaction. The three-year project, worth £5.5 million, seeks to develop products and services thatmaximise the benefits of Connected and Autonomous vehicles (CAVs) for users and transport authorities. By adopting a user-centred approach, FLOURISH will achieve a better understanding of consumer demands and expectations, including the implications and challenges of an ageing society.

Global network

We are proud of our role in pushing the boundaries of traditional thinking and working collaboratively with partners to deliver the future of transportation.

We are also proud of our role on the Colorado RoadX programme and the opportunity it affords us to develop a select network of global cities that can co-create solutions through joint investment initiatives to deliver their vision and address challenges such as:

  • Increasing populations
  • Enabling economic growth
  • Expectations on access to mobility and improved connectivity
  • Reduced operational budgets
  • Deteriorating physical assets
  • Technology disruption
  • New e-commerce solutions
  • Cyber security risks
  • Intelligent Mobility at Atkins

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